It probably helps that this is Miranda Kerr

Dark lips….UBSEZZED. I dont mean like gothic black lips. I mean beautiful, mysteriously gorgeous dark, plump purplish-red lips. Especially with some heels and a ballerina dress. This is a “DO.” But dont “OVER-DO.” Once every 2-3 weeks. And only on occasion. Let’s keep it classy, folks.

Heels galore…what they’re really saying

YSL, I love you, but your going to make me bankrupt.

You’ve all seen it. And im pretty sure, you secretly want it. The tumblr famous YSL ovale ring. Gold plated, mottled glass stone, made in Italy… i dont blame you. But i have to say, $250 for a ring? Mmmm, definitely a thinker. I mean, they’re gorgeous, dont get me wrong. I have complete and utter respect for Yves Saint Laurent, he’s on my top ten list. But, i would rather spend that money on a bag. Sorry folks, dont waste it. Soon enough, they’re going to become mainstream. 100 bucks bet that replicas will be sold in Forever21 within the next year.

Wanna know a secret?

These pants dont even look comfortable.

Everyone knows that i like to take chances with my style. Whether its hair, clothes, makeup, shoes. Some even call me crazy. I call it inspired. Everyone always says, “Omg, yaryna you can pull anything off,” or “Wow, i could never wear that as cute as you.” No, im not boasting or trying to show off, i really get this. And you know what? It annoys me. Its like, what make me different than you? Our looks? That doesnt mean you cant try something new as well. Im just a bold person. God created me that way. I say what i want, do what i want, and wear what i want. This is also my downfall. But of course, i know my limits.

I feel like if you think something is cute but if your scared to try it, dont wait for me to do it for you. Stop watching the world live your dreams. Not saying clothes are dreams. Ive never cared what people that about me, because if i did, i would be one depressed person. I choose no. So im sorry if i cant sympathize with you.
But want to know something? Confidence in appearance doesn’t exist. In order to be confident in what you look like, you must first
1. Accept the way you look. (face, body, and qualities)
2. Know what looks good on you. (pick up a magazine and do some homework)
3. Go crazy.
You think i have some out-of-no-where confidence that makes me feel good wearing sheer velvet crop tops and high waisted shorts? (which btw, NO ONE feels good wearing high waisted. i dont care how skinny you are)
You gotta take that chance, and strut your stuff. Of course, make it appropriate. If it looks bad, oh well you learned not to wear it again. But if it looks good, you just started a trend, and became a legend.